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Questions about Our Services

What State does Auto Title Pros Service?

All vehicles currently located in North Carolina and looking for NC Titles.

How exactly does the process work to get the title I need?

From Start to Finish, we make it as easy as possible to get your title. It’s easy as one, two, three. First, fill out a simple & secure form, second…Keep Reading.

How much will this cost?

You will be happy to know that our prices are the lowest in the market for auto title services.
Here is what to expect.
Most normal cars will cost $475-$500 total. Keep Reading.

What do I need on hand in order to start the process now?

Getting started takes very little effort on your part. You do however need a few things in order to begin… Keep Reading.

How long does it typically take for me to get my title?

The complete process takes between 15-120 days from start to finish. More Details Click Here.

Does Auto Title Pros service states other than North Carolina?

At this time, Auto Title Pro Service specializes and deals exclusively with North Carolina Titles Only.

Does Auto Title Pros do Motorcycle Titles?

Yes! Motorcycle titles work the same as car titles, and we will happily help you get your motorcycle title as soon as possible.

Can Auto Title Pros do multiple titles for companies like towing companies, impounds, etc?

As a matter of fact, this is our specialty. Properly notifying NCDMV of impounds and filing notices of storage and liens can be time consuming and difficult. Let us help you organize this entire process. Then when the time comes to file for titles, we can help with as many as you need.

What Happened to Auto Title Specialists?

Auto Title Specialists has been rebranded to Auto Title Pros. Read about it here.

Get a Title - The Easy Way

I have happened upon several muscle cars over the years that have been abandoned and did not have titles. Auto Title Pros were able to obtain a title for each with very little involvement on my end. Excellent communication and timely responses kept me fully informed of the status of my titles. Fair prices and friendly service keep me coming back!

Tom D - Clayton, NC

Private Collector of Vintage Muscle Cars

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