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From Start to Finish, we make it the easiest as possible for you to get the title you need.


It’s Easy as One, Two, Three.

Easy Process - Car Title in North Carolina

1. Fill Out A Simple Form

You will first need to fill out a simple form with the necessary information about the title you need. There is a deposit of $175 required upon submission. Once you hit submit, the process will begin.

100% Moneyback Guarantee If we find we are unable to get you a title for whatever reason (unlikely), we will quickly refund your deposit, no questions asked.

Vital information you need:

  • Your Name/Address/Phone Number/Email Address
  • Address where vehicle or watercraft is located
  • Full 17 character VIN number
  • Date of Storage
  • Picture of vehicle
  • History of how you acquired vehicle

Most Cars will cost $500 total.

For more details on pricing click here.

$175.00 down payment is required before the process can begin.

* Prices above do not include small additional fees you’ll pay at the DMV, like application fees (usually $15.00) and/or other associated titling fees/Newspaper fees (rare).

2. The Process

Our Auto Title Pro will then look over the information you have submitted and verify that everything is in order. Once we have everything necessary for the process we go to work. If there is supporting documentation needed, our Title Pro will contact you immediately to keep the process going.

At this point we file all documents within the proper channels and update you as we get updates.

3. Delivery of Your Title Paperwork

Our Auto Title Pro will then send you an invoice for the remaining amount owed. Once received, we’ll present you with a neatly packaged paperwork folder to take to the DMV and effortlessly get your title.

Our customer support team will be accessible the entire time for any questions or concerns during the process.


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